“If you cannot send money, send tobacco.” – George Washington

The Draw

Another important aspect was the draw. New World Cigars (Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras, etc.) have in most cases an average draw of 48 PSIG while naked (without the wrapper leaf) Cuban cigars in contrast, have an average draw of 52 PSIG while naked. This average will normally go up or down 2 PSIG points to meet the quality control (cigar rollers are not machines.) Once you wrap the cigar, an additional 2 PSIG is added to the draw of the cigar. What does it mean? That you could find up to a 6 PSIG difference between the traditional and the modern style of cigar making. We decided to go position ourselves in the middle at 50 PSIG average for the filler and up to 54 PSIG while wrapped.

The Balance

The balance between flavor and strength is another aspect that places our products in their own category. A big misconception is that strength in cigars make them more “flavorful”, thus, many people mistake flavor with strength. We have noticed in many tasting sections that there’s a direct relationship, in most cigars smokers, when it comes to appreciating “flavors” and identifying said flavors as strength. It’s notorious that the leaves with the higher flavor profiles do not add noticeable strength to the blends, but it does move the product towards spiciness and/or sourness.

The Philosophy

Our philosophy is that cigars are a mean to socialize and the enjoyment comes from the moments you share with others while smoking a cigar and not the cigar by itself. A “proper” cigar in our understanding is the one who gives you joy without overtaking from the other activity you are doing and that’s why we made sure to prioritize balance. All our cigars are strong if you go by the amount of ligeros in them, yet everyone agrees they are smooth and creamy.